Did you know that when flowers were given historically that the type and color of the flower had incredible significance? It could tell someone you valued their friendship, or that you were madly in love with them. It could give people a hint of what you thought their best qualities were – from innocence to boldness, and everything between.

Today some people still use flowers in this way, although many have transferred to the gift of flowers that are simply beautiful. Both options are fine, of course, but here is a glimpse into what each type of flower means or represents when given to another person. From red roses Ogden to orange blossoms, every flower has something to say.

·    Orange Blossoms: “I appreciate your innocence and loveliness.”

·    Red Chrysanthemum: “I love you.”

red roses Ogden

·    Bluebells: “You are very kind.”

·    Peonies: “I appreciate your bashfulness,” or “I enjoy your shy, demure qualities.”

·    Rosemary: “I remember you,” or “I remember…” (given in remembrance of an individual after passing or in remembrance of an event.)

·    Tulips: “You are a passionate person,” or “I have great passion for you.”

·    Pink Carnation: “I will never forget you.”

·    Yellow Carnation: “I’m sorry, but I don’t love you/have feelings for you.”

·    White Violet: “I enjoy your innocent qualities.”

·    Red Rose: “I am openly confessing my love for you.”

·    Calla Lilly: “You are a magnificent beauty.”

·    Clover: “Think of me,” or “Remember me.”

·    Aloe: “I feel bitter over…”

·    Apple Blossom: “I have a preference for you” (used historically when having more than one suitor)

·    Yellow Rose: “You are my friend,” or “I value your friendship.”

·    Pink Rose: “I appreciate your grace,” or “You make me very happy.”

Nearly anything at all could be said through flowers. Think of a recent bouquet you received. What did it have to say to you?