There are many options available when finding the perfect veil for your special day. One of those options is a two-tier wedding veil, with other style options including birdcage, classic, angel, and drop cut. On our special day, you want to ensure everything is perfect, which makes it important to choose the right veil to suit your dress, face, and overall style.

Your Dress

If your dress is very intricate or highly embellished, you want to choose a veil which is simple, so the final look does not appear overwhelming. On the opposite end, if your dress is very simple and plainly cut, you want to choose a veil which is more intricate or flashy. Also keep in mind that longer dresses go well with longer veils, whereas shorter dresses require shorter ones.

Your Face

If you have a round face, you want to choose a veil which makes your face appear longer and thinner. If your face is already very thin, you want your veil to accentuate your face to appear fuller. If you aren’t sure what kind of face shape you have, there are many guides online – or a professional wedding boutique could help you decide.

Blusher or No Blusher

two-tier wedding veil

A blusher is the tier on a wedding veil which covers the bride’s face until the first kiss. It is used in most traditional or classical styled weddings but is not entirely necessary. The choice to use one or not is entirely up to the bride. If you do choose to have a blusher, you’ll want to ensure your veil is a two-tier or three-tier.


Some veils come adorned with pearls, sequins, or have glitter embedded in the netting. Some are attached by clips (adorned or not), while others are affixed to hair bands. You’ll want to think about these different options before settling on a veil.