Endless crunches are often seen as the gateway to chiseled abs and sculpted sides and obliques. The reality is that they do more harm than good, more commonly causing discomfort and damage to the spine with all the repetitive motions of crunches on the back. And they don’t result in much ab visibility anyway. However, as summer approaches, there are other exercises with greater benefits for the body overall.

Deadlifting Your Way to Calorie Deficits

Deadlifts are excellent at working the thighs, back, arms, and core. This simple mechanism of lifting and standing up right utilizes many muscle groups. With proper breathing techniques and pacing, the deadlift is very effective at burning a lot of calories. Furthermore, it adds to muscle growth stimulation and the soreness that one feels throughout the day is a sign that the body is still burning calories as the muscles get used to the workout.

benefits of squats

Working the Thighs

To work the core, there are the benefits of squats that shouldn’t be ignored. This can be done in two ways. One is by simply using one’s own body weight during the descending and ascending motion. It doesn’t cause much strain on the knees and can be done anywhere, whether at home or at the gym. It’s also an excellent way to warm up the core for more strenuous workouts.

Adding Weight and Resistance

Another way to make squats more effective is by adding weights with a bar. With the assistance of a squat pad so that the upper back doesn’t get much strain, a weighted squat can add a more calorie burning boost to your workout. With greater calorie burn comes greater fat tissue loss. As the summer approaches, both the thighs and the abs will be much more defined and eye-catching while at the beach.