Is There Beauty In The Colored Ostrich?

It depends on your love or knowledge of animals. Some folks say they love the creatures, so much so that they are more than happy to drape its furs over their shoulders. And there are some folks still doing this even though the law says they may not. Why would the law do this to them? Does it perhaps have something to do with the hideous cruelty associated with slaughtering little animals for their furs and scents?

colored ostrich feathers

Indeed and how can such folks say that they really love these creatures? It seems the case that they know little about them as well. Nothing that they care to anyhow. Some folks say they love the bird’s grace. Others say that there’s no grace in a giant ostrich, the largest known such feathered creature. Why is this? Well, the argument goes that there’s no grace in such a big bird that cannot even fly. But can there be beauty with standard black (and white) plumes and colored ostrich feathers.

Of course there can. Fashion fundi’s and those with an acute knowledge will say that the grace is nothing in comparison to the grand, bald eagle that soars high up above the highest mountain peaks or the cawing albatross with the world’s largest known wingspan. The beauty and grace is in the feathers. Touch them, feel them, caress them and you may wonder why the big bird was grounded all those years ago.

Like a typical dodo, of which there are said to be no more. Wear your ostrich feathers to parties, or wear them as part of your own flamboyant or formal fashion statement. Or use them to add color to your own home. It works rather nicely in the living room.

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